Explore interfacing Mobile Devices:  (PDAs, Phones and Tablets) to Embedded Hardware using wireless
Bluetooth Serial Port Adapters.  Bluetooth Adapters that support the Serial Port Protocol (SPP) are used to
establish wireless serial port connections between mobile and embedded hardware devices.

*  Mobile Devices: (PDAs, Phones and Tablets) run versions of Windows CE and the Windows Mobile Operating Systems.
*  Software applications will be written in BASIC using the BASIC4PPC Compiler Version 6.9.
*  Various commercial off-the-shelf hardware modules will be used as the embedded hardware.
*  Various commercial off-the-shelf Bluetooth modules will be used for wireless communication.
*  Learn to write Software Applications in the BASIC Language that will Transmit "Commands" to your embedded
    hardware design.  Receive "Data" back from embedded hardware, view or process data with a hand-held mobile device.
Last Update:    November 13, 2014